Create magical and cozy spaces.

My creations in light, shadow and cut paper invite you to enter a subtle and delicate world, connecting with our most essential part. They create magical spaces where we feel welcomed. My search for beauty revolves around making the subtle visible and extracting the essence of each element. And it comes true in every piece.
I welcome you to my universe

Subtle and elegant landscapes that decorate, illuminate and excite. They are born within an embroidery frame, in connection with the feminine.

Delicate and subtle minimalist objects on cutting paper. A flower is born in each wooden frame.

Each piece is more than its material. The shadow is part of it. It has physical form, but you cannot touch it.


Creations Catalog

To cut is to remove matter, to let in light. Go to the essential. I lose myself cutting back; the scissors and the scalpel are my brushes.


Passionate about light and shadow. In 2001 this immaterial element became my means of artistic expression and individual inner search. I founded the ASOMBRAS company of shadow theater in 2002, together with Iñigo Postlethwaite. With it we create very careful original works and we present this ancient and magical art. We explore and travel to Asia to see first-hand the traditional shadow theater.

With my personal brand “Alexandra Eseverri” I open a new window to my universe and share my most personal creations.

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