I am attracted to work with light and shadow for its subtlety, standing between two worlds, making the absent present.

Fantasy was very present throughout my childhood. I lost myself imagining new realities, looking beyond what is seen at first sight. And it was a constant in my life. It is what attracted me to work with light and shadow. Being between two worlds that, subtly, make the absent present.

And that passion led me, in 2002, to create and direct the shadow theater company aSombras. Investigating this language, I was able to imagine and make real those dreamlike and beautiful universes for my shows.

Now, I have given that passion a new shape with my brand Alexandra Eseverri. I create objects that go beyond the decorative. Inspired by nature, botany, calm, the Asian continent, the subtle. This new adventure is a window that opens to something else. I declare myself an admirer of the Asian continent. Their way of looking, of understanding the world.

I am attracted by their culture, their way of appreciating the beauty and spirituality of everyday life. It is a look that enriches the details, because it is more than seeing: it is becoming quieter to feel.

“I lose myself cutting back; the scissors and the scalpel are my brush and my brush”.
My love of paper and all cutting and folding techniques, such as Japanese Kirigami and Chinese cut paper, may come from there. They are what allows me to shape a dreamlike and poetic universe inspired by nature.

I work with my hands, my head and my heart. I enjoy the process, which must be slow and careful, paying careful attention to every detail. And I think it shows in the result of each of these delicate works.