Gardens of light

They are subtle and elegant landscapes that decorate, illuminate and excite. Exclusive design pieces in limited series.

They are born inside an embroidery frame. They connect me with the feminine, with artisan work, with the rhythm of embroidery, stitch by stitch. Hence they inspire so much calm and seclusion.

Inside, I create a universe illuminated from behind. Unique landscapes made with silk organza, cotton tull and handmade fiber paper. Sustainable and top quality materials that transmit texture and warmth.

To cut is to remove matter, to let in light. Go to the essential.

Love of nature leads me to work with sustainable, natural, delicate materials. Like handmade fiber paper, cotton tulle, organizes silk and wood.

I work with my hands, my head and my heart. I enjoy the process, which is slow and careful, paying attention to every detail. The result is these delicate works.

Nature gives me inspiration, materials, the environment, the calm.